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Offplan Project Modern Villa


USD. 200k/29 Years


Tumbak Bayuh

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Lease Villa








Absolutely, let’s spruce it up with some eye-catching bullet points:

🏡 Welcome to Luxury Living: Step into your future oasis of opulence, where modern design meets timeless charm.

🛠️ Under Construction: Witness the birth of your dream villa as construction kicks off in July 2024—feel free to visit and witness the magic firsthand!

🏝️ Exclusive Availability: Only 2 units available, ensuring a sense of exclusivity and privacy.

🌿 Serene Surroundings: Embrace tranquility with a spacious land size of 100 m2, perfectly complemented by a meticulously designed building spanning 109 m2.

🛏️ Spacious Living: Three luxurious bedrooms and three exquisitely appointed bathrooms provide ample space for relaxation and rejuvenation.

🏊 Private Pool Paradise: Dive into luxury with your own private pool, beckoning you to indulge in moments of serenity amidst lush greenery.

☀️ Sunken Outdoor Oasis: Bask in the sun in your sunken outdoor retreat, where every moment is infused with tranquility and bliss.

🏗️ Offplan Development: Anticipate the completion of your dream villa within 8-12 months, promising a seamless transition to luxury living.

🛋️ Fully Furnished: Your villa comes fully furnished, ensuring every moment is adorned with comfort and style from day one.

🔒 Secure Investment: Enjoy a 29-year Lease Hold with the option to extend for an additional 25 years, securing your investment for the long term.

💰 Flexible Payment Plans: Tailored payment plans are available to suit your individual needs, making luxury living more accessible than ever.

📍 Prime Location: Nestled in the coveted ITR Pondok Wisata (Yellow Zone), your villa offers both privacy and convenience in equal measure.

💸 Open Price: Own your slice of paradise for just $200,000—unlock the door to a world of luxury living today!

Don’t let this opportunity slip away—schedule your visit now and embark on a journey to luxury, tranquility, and endless possibilities.


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Bali Property Solution (1)

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