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4 Br Homey Paddies Villa


$. 400k/28 Years


Batubolong, Canggu

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Leashold Villa








🌾 Imagine waking up to the mesmerizing sight of lush, vibrant rice paddies stretching as far as the eye can see. Now, picture this idyllic view from the comfort of your very own 4-bedroom villa in the heart of Batubolong. This is a unique opportunity to own a slice of paradise, and here’s why you won’t want to miss it:

  1. Enchanting Views: Batubolong is renowned for its captivating rice paddy vistas, and this villa offers you a front-row seat to this natural masterpiece. Every moment you spend here will be a picturesque memory in the making.

  2. Seamless Elegance: The villa effortlessly marries indoor and outdoor living. The boundaries between your private sanctuary and the lush outdoors blur, creating an ambiance of serenity and space.

  3. Prime Location: Batubolong is a highly sought-after locale in Bali, and for good reason. Here, you’ll be just moments away from the vibrant pulse of cafes, rich cultural experiences, and world-class surf spots. Convenience and excitement meet at your doorstep.

  4. Value and Leasehold: Priced at an attractive USD 400,000 with a generous 28-year leasehold, this villa represents an excellent investment opportunity, ensuring you not only own a piece of paradise but also make a wise financial move.

  5. Tropical Escape: Immerse yourself in the quintessential Balinese way of life. Wake up to the gentle rustling of palm fronds, explore the local culture, or ride the waves at your leisure. Your Bali paradise is more than a destination; it’s an everyday experience.

With its stunning views, seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living, prime location, value pricing, and the promise of tropical bliss, this 4-bedroom villa in Batubolong is not just a property; it’s a lifestyle investment. Your Bali dream villa is waiting, and it’s time to make it yours. Don’t let this opportunity slip away; act now and embrace the Bali paradise you’ve always imagined.


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